FinScope Survey 2020 Report

The FinScope Survey not only enabled the assessment of the landscape of financial access in Rwanda, but also provided a benchmark for repeat surveys that will enable the impact of access related policy interventions to be assessed.  This report summarises the findings of FinScope Rwanda 2020.  This summary report addresses the information needs that would enable the government to develop and monitor evidence-based policies and regulations which will help extend the reach of financial services in the country.

Objectives of the FinScope Rwanda 2020 Survey

  • Describe the levels of financial inclusion (i.e. levels of access to financial products and services – both formal and informal)
  • Describe the landscape of access (i.e. the type of products and services used by financially included individuals)
  • Identify the drivers of, and barriers to financial access
  • Assess trends/changes over time (a decade financial inclusion indicator since 2008 to 2020 and 2016 – 2020 comparison)
  • Stimulate evidence-based dialogue that will ultimately lead to effective public and private sector interventions that will increase and deepen financial inclusion
  • Provide credible information on new opportunities for increased financial inclusion
  • Provide information on new opportunities for increased financial inclusion and the extent to which financial services are meeting Rwandans’ needs
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