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AFR LEAD Series: Dissemination of the Finscope 2020 Gender Thematic Report

Zoom Webinar KG 5 Avenue, House #13 - Kacyiru, Kigali

REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND THE WEBINAR FinScope Gender presentation (15.03.21) In regards to Gender and Access to Finance in Rwanda, the financial inclusion and accessibility to financial services especially for women have been driven by policy and legal frameworks including VISION 2020/2050, NST1, and the national gender policy 2010, the National Inclusion Financial Strategy (2019 […]

AFR LEAD Series: Data Science and Analytics Lecture

There is a wealth of knowledge and potential development opportunities that remain untapped in the Rwandan financial market. AFR LEAD Series bring experts in the field to ideate, debate, and transmit best practices and interventions that can drive and facilitate a diverse and inclusive financial sector that delivers real value to the economy and people. […]