Deepening financial inclusion
and resilience


Financial exclusion (or being underserved) is itself a surface-level symptom of marginalisation, where such marginalisation occurs at a systemic and structural level cutting across individual, social and economic spheres. AFR must understand how, where and why certain groups (women, youth, PWD, informal sector and refugees) are marginalised in order to understand why they are underserved, and thus to meaningfully address these particular barriers to foster lasting and productive financial inclusion in order to increase welfare. This will require exploring and analysing the root causes of exclusion found in the core of the market system as well as in supporting functions and rules including working with policymakers and regulators to improve the enabling environment for greater inclusion. This phase will focus on utilisation of financial services in order to meet a need including usage and outcomes particularly in (i) ensuring ability to pay for services (ii) financing for implementation of initiatives targeting basic services (iii) promoting resilience and ability to manage risk (iv) ensuring equal access to basic services amongst disadvantaged groups, and (v) providing payments mechanisms.
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