Digital Financial Services (DFS) and
Market infrastructure


Digital Financial Services (DFS) and Market Infrastructure: Digital technology has played a pivotal role in expanding the access and usage of financial services as highlighted by the 2016 and 2020 FinScope Surveys. The importance of digital technology is seen particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic which is constraining many other delivery channels. AFR will continue, and potentially expand, its current digital infrastructure interventions such as interoperability of payment platforms and agent networks to facilitate inclusion of marginalised segments and deliver appropriate services to micro, small and medium enterprises. It will also focus on non-digital infrastructure interventions such as supporting the development of credit reference bureaus, collateral and contracts registries and platforms to support access to trade finance (factoring) and capital market instruments. AFR will also play a key role in ensuring that deepening of the digital financial sector is done responsibly; that is, the digital divide should narrow, not expand, and the sector must be demand-led and based on principles of integrity, consumer protection and empowerment.
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