Research and information


Information asymmetry continues to be a major cause of market failures in (i) improving access and usage of financial services (ii) development of innovative and pro-poor financial services (iii) creating an efficient and competitive financial market, and (iv) facilitating growth across key job creating sectors of the economy. As such, in Phase III, AFR will play a key role in the development and dissemination of information to help develop a more efficient financial market in Rwanda, while at the same time developing the capacity of market players to develop and disseminate information for the benefit of market growth and sustainability after AFR’s exit. This recognises that various financial markets remain underdeveloped and continue to need (at least in the short to medium term) public investments to help address the information and knowledge gaps. Engagement of a diverse spectrum of stakeholders furthers AFR’s credibility as a preferred partner for interested stakeholders, and provides an opportunity for dialogue and learning that is fundamental in supporting programme staff to influence market players to change their behaviour for the benefit of the poor. AFR will continue to develop and cultivate relationships and networks with, among, and between producers and users of knowledge by providing linkages, knowledge sources, and in some cases knowledge itself, (e.g. technical know-how, market insights, research evidence).
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