Strengthening data analytics capacity in Rwanda’s financial ecosystem


Data is critical in the development of any sector. Data analytics can play a crucial role in advancing financial inclusion especially through knowing customer needs to reach unserved and unserved segments, improving market operational efficiency, improving product design, better risk management, and more informed policy, regulation, and financial inclusion and financial sector development strategies.

This project aims at addressing market constraints that include limited data-driven culture within the financial sector and limited use of data to improve existing or develop new products. This project will address these constraints and associated root causes through data analytics capacity building for FSPs, regulators, and other data analytics service providers.

Project objective

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the data analytics capacity of Financial Services Providers (FSPs), regulators, and industry associations in Rwanda for improved data-driven culture and decision-making. More specifically, this project aims to develop a data-analytics-insights ecosystem that is customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable.

Project overview/Key highlights:

Project name Strengthening data analytics capacity in Rwanda’s financial ecosystem
Project period 3 years
Key Project targets
  1. At least three (3) institutions supported to develop data strategies to emphasise the use of data in decision making
  2. At least four (4) institutions: One (1) commercial bank, one (1) pension administrator, one (1) regulator, and one (1) Industry Association supported to develop their data analytics capacities
  3. Increased use of internal and external data to understand their customers and develop financial products and services that meet their needs
  4. A clear position on Open Finance in Rwanda and its roadmap.
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