• Innovation and Product/Service Development to demonstrate use cases for the wider marketto adopt and replicate.
  • Focus on improving access and usage for key excluded groups including: Women, Youth, Rural Poor, Refugees, and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
  • Strengthening the enabling environment to ensure replication and wider impact of the Phase II programme.
  • Stakeholder coordination and partnerships that can develop better understanding of issues and promoting synergies to further financial sub-sectors.
  • Leverage the expertise of the FSD Programme Network across Africa to deliver new insights and approaches to deepen the Rwandan market.
  • Further embedding and orientating interventions towards the “Making Markets Work for the Poor” (M4P) approach by emphasising more market system wide change and sustainability built into intervention.
  • Ensuring interventions and activities are able to demonstrate Value for Money.
  • Ensure that Results Based Measurement and Knowledge Management is more integral to the programme and supports the strategic direction of the programme.


  • INTEGRITY: Do the right thing at all times
  • COLLABORATION: Work together to achieve results
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Maximize the impact of funds spent to improve livelihoods of low-income people
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Value and own our actions
  • QUALITY: Be the very best in what we do
  • RESPECT: Give a chance to every voice and individual
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