This is the fifth FinScope survey report since 2008 when the first FinScope report was produced in Rwanda. It is the first FinScope Survey conducted post COVID-19, providing valuable insights on how the financial sector adapted to the increased demand for cashless devices and responded to pandemic-related risks. DOWNLOAD   Our vision A diverse and inclusive financial sector that supports increased resilience and sustainable livelihoods for all and contributes to Rwanda's economic transformation Our mission To facilitate a diverse and inclusive financial sector that delivers real value to the economy and people, in particular unserved and underserved populations Financial sector outcome: Phase I,II & III Phase 1: 2010-2015 1,182,638 people supported to access and use new and improved financial services
593,535 Female | 589,103 Male

803,157 Farmers Supported to access and use agricultural insurance and credit
Phase 2: 2016-2020 2,567, 863 people people supported to access new or improved quality financial services
1,119,403 Female | 1,448,460 Male

1,950,978 people supported to use new or improved quality financial services
910,345 Female | 1,040,633 Male
Phase 3: 2021-2025 29,963 people supported to access to high-quality financial services
Female: 13,783 Male: 16,180 Youth:2,660

15,984 people supported to use of high-quality financial services
Female: 7,352 Male: 8,632 Youth: 2,896

Promoting economic growth and enhancing livelihoods through:

Deepening financial inclusion and resilience

Finance for growth
and jobs

Research and information

Digital Financial Services (DFS) and market infrastructure


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